The Best Dressed Male Celebrities of the 2010s

ON THE LIST: A$AP Rocky, Jonah Hill and David Beckham.

Here, at The Gentleman’s Post, we often look to the red carpet for inspiration. Hollywood’s biggest stars have access to the biggest designers, and are often ahead of the curve with the latest trends.

We have chosen the 10 celebrities who have inspired us the most over the course of the last decade. Some are masters of the formal and traditional, while others are experimenting and pushing the limits of what male fashion can be.

John Mayer

John Mayer combines classical americana, japanese design, trend objects and technical wear in a unique way.

Kanye West

WEARING HIS OWN DESIGN: Kanye West and Kim Kardashian in wearing garments from the rapper’s second collection for Yeezy. Photo: Kevin Mazur, Getty Images / NTB Scnapix

The artist formerly known as «The Louis Vuitton Don» has spent the last decade building his own popular brand. Often dressed in his own creations, Kanye West has become on of the biggest sources of inspiration for people into streetwear.

David Beckham

VETERAN: David Beckham during a press release for Tudor in 2019. Photo: Pablo Cuadra / Getty Images

David Beckham has been mentioned on numerous «best dressed»-lists during the last 20 years – and for good reason. The previous football player looks great in a leather jacket and jeans, but it’s his formal outfits we’ve been impressed by the most. Wondering how your suit should be tailored? Take a screenshot, show it to your tailor and go: «I want this».

A$AP Rocky

DESIGNER-FAVORITE: Artist A$AP Rocky during the fashion week in Paris 2014. Photo: Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

Supposedly, the biggest designers in the world of fashion are fighting over dressing up the popular rapper. «Rocky» is always seen wearing the latest trends, from Hedi Slimane’s leather jackets for Saint Laurent, via fanny packs from Supreme and Louis Vitton, to Alessando Micheles creations for Gucci.

Jonah Hill

Colorful: Jonah Hill in New York in 2018.

Actor and director Jonah Hill has become some sort of a cult-hero among fashion interested people on the internet, to the extent where he has gotten a day named after himself. Hill has a love for popular streetwear brands like Palaca and Supreme, but is also capable of making an impression on the red carpet wearing polished outfits.

Harry Styles

GLITTER: Artist Harry Styles performing in O2 Arena in Lindon, wearing sparkling denim. Photo: Scott Garfitt, Pa Photos / NTB Scanpix

The former One Direction-singer is successful as a solo artist, and is challenging the limits of male fashion just about every time he makes an appearance. See through blouses, high heels and sparkling denim suits is just some of the things Harry Styles has rocked during the last couple of years. If Harry Styles is a sign of what’s coming for the next decade, we are definitely looking forward.

Timothée Chalamet

BUCKLE UP: Timothee Chalamet during the Golden Globes in 2019. Photo: Tammie Arroyo, Pa Photos / NTB Scanpix

«Call Me By Your Name»-actor Timothée Chalamet is, along with Harry Styles, one of the most exciting celebrities to attend the red carpet these days. Having been a public figure for only two years, Chalamet has already managed to be named «World’s Best Dressed Man» by BRITISH GQ.


BLING: Drake, pictured at the premiere of the Netflix-series «Top Boy,» wearing a suit and turtleneck from Tom Ford. The rapper added a diamond necklace and polished Chelsea boots to his outfit. Photo: Doug Peters, Pa Photos / NTB Scanpix

The Canadian rapper doesn’t receive as much attention for his outfits as his hip-hop colleagues on this list, but that does not mean he can’t dress. He knows how to dress in most styles, and looks just as comfortable wearing sweatpants and Timerland-shoes as he does wearing tailored suits from ultra-luxurious Tom Ford.

Eddie Redmayne

SUIT UP: Eddie Redmayne at the premiere of «The Aeronauts» in 2019. Photo: Pa Photos / NTB Scanpix

One of the last decade’s best actors has also delivered on the red carpet. Eddie Redmayne isn’t shy about his love for tailored suits in untraditional colors and patterns, and is constanly reminding us that a suit is everything but boring.

Ryan Gosling

RETRO: Ryan Gosling wearing red/brown and blue at the San Sebastian Film Festival in 2019. Photo: Ander Gillenea, AFP / NTB Scanpix

He rarely makes an appearance in public unless he’s promoting a movie, but once he sets his foot on the red carpet there’s few, if any, delivering stylish outfits as consistent as Ryan Gosling. Whether in a pyjama shirt during Cannes Film Festival, or in a patterned v-neck underneith a tailored suit, it always feels like Ryan Gosling manages to give his outfis a personal, retro inspired twist.

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