The Sportswear That Will Get You Motivated to Exercise

Running shoes from Hoka Foto: Hoka

Springs best looking sportswear can be the motivation you need to get started

Getting your exercise in is easier said than done – especially if you lack the motivation. In the long run, the feeling of progress and excess energy is what makes exercising fun, but starting out can be just the opposite. At The Gentleman’s Post, new sportswear often help get the job done!

This does not mean that you need to replace your polyester portifolio. If you already have the basics, adding in a couple of fresh looking socks, or a new gym bag, might just cut it.

We’ve chosen a few favorites available in shops now – suited for the eager runner as well as for the occasional tennis player.

Asics running jacket Foto: Ascics
CMP gilet vest. Foto: CMP
Cyclone jacket. Foto: Cyclone
Craft men’s active run fitness shorts. Foto: Craft
Hoodie from H&M. Foto: H&M

Nike socks and bowler bag from Zara.

Shorts from Umbro and Hoodie from Nike.

Gore Active Jacket. Foto: Gore

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