5 Fashion Trends of 2020

Foto: Reuters/Pa Photos

We’ve taken a look at the fashion trends of 2020.

The end of the 2010s were in large part characterized by «athleisure» – the sports inspired fashion consisting of technical garments. The North Face, Patagonia and Nike – as well as exclusive brands like Monclér and Gucci – made a fortune selling bubble-vests and sneakers.

We’ve taken a look at the predictions in fashion from the large magazines and influencers. Here is 5 trends we see coming for 2020.

PRETTY IN PINK: Timothee Chalamet made an impression in pink at a press release for the movie «Little Women». Foto: Isabel Infantes, Pa Photos / NTB Scanpix

Softer colors

VOGUE is highlighting softer colors, especially pastell, as one of 2020s trends. Someone who got a headstart on the trend as early as last spring was actor Timothee Chalamet, who’s in a hot spot in fashion these days. Pastells were also on the menu served by large brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton at the fashion shows of winter 2020.

Fewer sneakers

The popular style podcast «Throwing Fits», previously know as «Failing Upwards», has said, for a long time, that the age of the sneakers will end. The start of the 2010s put boots with buckles and print on the map. This year, we think the preppy «loafer» will be a hit.

STAR: Actor Ezra Miller isn’t afraid to experiment with clothing or makeup, and will often draw attention at the red carpet. Foto: Jennifer Graylock, Pa Photos/NTB Scanpix


Make-up is about to conquer men’s beauty regiments, according to american GQ. Make-up giant Chanel has launched a make-up collection only for men.

GLITTER: Ansel Elgort wore sparkling eye shadow in combination with a matching brooch at the 2020 Golden Globes. Foto: Mario Anzuoni, Reuter/NTB Scanpix

Microtrend: Brooches and other large jewelleries

Speaking of Ansel Elgort, pay special attention to the brooch pictured above. British VOGUE predict that large jewelleries will become a microtrend among men – a way of adding a speciel touch to an outfit. Gold-coated butterflies and sparkling stones is doubtfully the trend that will dominate this year, but if you’re one who likes to dress up a suit or a smoking it can be a fun accessory to your wardrobe. PRO TIP: Look for a unique accessory at shops selling second hand.

STOP SAGGING: Artist Harry Styles strikes a blow for high waisted trousers. Foto: Ian West, Pa Photos/NTB Scanpix

High waisted trousers

We’re excited to see what moustache wearing hipsters will do now that high waisted trousers become trendy. The fashion magazine ESQUIRE predicts that men’s trousers will be spacious, and worn higher on the waist going forward. Among those fighting for the trend is the artist Harry Styles.

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