Removes Videos Linking 5G with Covid-19

YouTube takes action against conspiracy theories.

According to The Guardian, YouTube reports they will take action to reduce the spread of videoes claiming there is a connection between 5G-technology and the coronavirus.

Youtube is going to reduce the number of videoes being recommended to their useres, as well as actively remove videos which violate terms of service.

Videoes which «only» contain conspiracy theories on 5G, and doesn’t make a connection to the coronavirus, will still be available on the site.

Burned Down Cell Towers

The changes are coming after a number of 5G cell towers was sat fire to last week in Great Britain, probably due to the conspiracy theories claiming there is a connection between the extention of the 5G-network and the spread of coronavirus.

Removes Several Corona-related Videos

Other videos which may have spread false information about drugs supposedly being able to heal humans infected with coronavirus, has already been removed, YouTube tells The Guardian.

«We have clear guidelines which forbids videos promoting medical methods to heal the coronavirus, instead of seaking medical treatment, and we will remove videos which brake these guidelines,» a YouTube spokesman told The Guardian.

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