Celebrities Pull Off the «Buzz Cut» in Corona-quarantine

NOT THE FIRST TIME: David Beckham has gone for a buzz cut multiple times, like here in 2018.

Hairstyle icons like David Beckham and G-Eazy pulls off the buzz cut in quarantine.

Services involving close contact between people was among the first services to be shut down, in the measures for preventing the spread of the coronavirus.

Actors and artists who usually have access to private stylists is now, like the rest of us, mostly spending time at home. Same goes for athletes who show up with a new hairstyle every other game.

David Beckham is among the celebrities who has now gone to the lengths of shaving their hair. Last weekend a buzz-cut Beckham shared a picture on Instagram, captioning it: «It just had to be done.» This is not the first time the hairstyle icon has gone for this look. According to METRO, Beckham has had this haircut in 2000, 2004 and 2018.

IN THE EARLY DAYS: David Beckham wore a buzzcut at the 2004 European Championship.

Beckham isn’t the only one to go for the simple look. Artist G-Eazy, Arsenal-star Hector Bellerin and multiple others has done the same. Here are the celebrities we’ve found who has gone for the look since the coronavirus put the world on pause.

Multiple international medias has made similar lists. We’ve collected inspiration from GQ, METRO and THE GUARDIAN.

Ex Football Player and Hairstyle-icon David Beckham

Football Player Hector Bellerin

Artist G-Eazy

Artist Ricky Martin

Football Player Eden Hazard

Will Smith-daughter and artist Willow Smith

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