Get The Luxury Style on a Budget

STYLISH: Actor Jeremy Strong plays Kendall Roy, billionaire heir and investor, in the HBO-hit show «Succession».

«Successions» wealthy Kendall Roy is the most luxurious dressed man in TV.

Billionaire heirs like Kendall Roy, portrayed by Jeremy Strong in the HBO-hit show «Succesion», doesn’t wear brands like Armani, Louis Vitton or Gucci because is looks good – but because it’s expensive. Among the wealthiest of the wealthiest the way you dress isn’t about separating from the crowd, or collecting sponsorships on Instagram. It’s all about power. A kashmir sweater to the price of a brand new iPhone? Add one in navy blue and bill it to my secretary!

Though the the motivation behind Kendalls shopping may be worthy of critique, there is no denying – the result looks good. Armed with an arsenal of grey, navy and shades of brown in luxurius material the middle Roy-heir is among the best dressed characters we’ve seen in TV.

The stylte isn’t hard to copy, even without a family empire at your back.

A light gilet is among the pillars in A wealthy man’s wardrobe. Use it under a blazer on your way to work, or on top of a hoody in the weekends. As a wealthy man, it’s also important to blend into the crowd. A dark caps in suede gives you anonymity without sacrificing any luxury.

A dark hoody is – as mentioned – a faithfull companion to light gilets. Though everything can’t be black, so try a dark brown suit in twined wool, in combination with a sand-colored, turtleneck.

When it comes to outerwear – keep it neutral. On a cold day, Kendall‘s outerwear of choice is technical. Also, minimalistic sneakers has become a favorite among the wealthy.

The luxurious style consists of luxurious, basic garments. A V-neck sweater in merine wool is a good place to start. Any billionaire will also have a wide variety of expensive sunglasses to choose from. If you’re in the start-up fase, a pair of golden framed pilot sunglasses is a good place to start.

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